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Пользователь Сообщение: #1.Anonymous.Proxy.List.Verifier.v1.1        (Тема#13285)
Возраст: 48
: Kiev,Ukraine
С нами с 10.01.01
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22.02.07 10:14 Ukraine #247277

#1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifieris the perfect tool for being anonymous on the Internet by the use ofproxies. It's an all-in-one program that offers you all the standardfeatures plus many more which you will not find in other programs. Byusing a proxy you can get another IP when you are surfing the Internet.This will prevent malicious website owners to see who you are and keepyou safe and preserving your right to be anonymous.

This program has useful abilities such as downloading and extractingproxies from URL's, forums, files, the clipboard and to then verify andcheck the proxies for HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS v4/5 ability. This makes ita unique program which few dare to compete with. You can swiftly andeasily check the anonymity level of HTTP proxies, which allows you tofind very specific kinds of proxies. You can even schedule the softwareto perform tasks automatically so you don't have to lift a finger touse it. And that is definitely not all!

There are so many more features, for example, you can see each proxiescountry and corresponding hostname. You can easily load thousands ofproxies and quickly verify them using hundreds of simultaneousconnections. #1 Anonymous Proxy List Verifier can perform the simplestof tasks to the most advanced, to fit your specific need. This is aprogram for both the amateaur and the professional computer user.
Here are some of the features in it:

* Download URL's, Import proxies from file, extract proxies, and verify them
* Check for HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS v4/5 support
* Use up to 500 simultaneous verification connections
* Retry failed proxies
* Advanced filtering by domain and host
* Save to either plaintext or comma separated file(s)
* Many advanced filtering options for saving
* Scheduling, automatically download, verify and save proxies
* Extensive proxy report for each individual proxy
* Load and verify up to 100,000 proxies at the same time
* Resolve country and hostname for each proxy
* Check anonymity level of HTTP proxies
* Check for URL or Mail server connectivity with SOCKS proxies
* Remove proxies in potentially hazardous IP ranges
* Set your own individual anonymity scoring
* Extract proxies from clipboard, files, websites or forums
* Bypasses the Windows XP Service Pack 2.0 connection limit
* Automatically updates itself
* And much much more..

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Возраст: 48
: Kiev,Ukraine
С нами с 10.01.01
Посты: 27128
22.02.07 10:15 [Re: forever] Ukraine #247278
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