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Пользователь Сообщение: за что даются очки ?        (Тема#14100)
С нами с 08.04.07
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13.04.07 21:53 Ukraine #263073
а может кто то дать полный расклад какому классу и за что дается скока очков и при каких условиях. желательно на русском
С нами с 31.01.07
Посты: 6704
13.04.07 21:58 [Re: Fedor_Sumkin_CCCP] Ukraine #263074
Переводить лень, да и понятно все.

Flag Capture: 2 points (Converting a flag from neutral to your team's side. Only the first person to enter the flag capture radius will get the full two points; everyone else will be considered to be assisting and will only get a one point flag assist. If multiple players enter the flag capture radius at the same time, however (such as when numerous players enter in the same vehicle), then they'll all gain the full 2 point bonus.)

*Warning* If you are a squad leader driving a vehicle (Sush as a light transport) and drive it into a flag capture zone and switch to the gunner position (as you do) and a squad member spawns off you into the driving position of the vehicle then they will take the full points for flag capture/neutralise leaving you with only a capture/neutralise assist, even if they get out of the vehicle after spawning. A bug that needs to be fixed methinks. -Timmy
Flag Neutralize: 2 points (Converting a flag from enemy control to neutral (gray). The same rules as flag capturing apply here; you only get two points if you're the first one to reach the flag radius.)
Kill: 2 points
Flag Assist: 1 point
Flag Defense: 1 point (You get an extra point for killing a target in the flag capture radius of a flag that's currently under your team's control.)
Kill Assist: 1 point (If you deal more than 50% damage to an opponent, then another friendly teammate kills that enemy, then you'll get one point. This does seem to hold over after you die, so if you deal 50% damage to an enemy, then die and respawn, then one of your teammates finishes off your target, you should get the point. Unknown if enemy healing affects kill assists, although if they're healed back to full health you likely don't get a kill assist if they die afterwards.)
Repair/Healing/Supplying ammo: 1 point. These all work the same way, but track separately. For healing/ammo, you need to resupply one droppable pack's worth of health/ammo. Exactly how much repairing you need to do is unknown, but it seems to be on a similar system (repair a vehicle from completely busted to full working order, or the equivalent over multiple vehicles). Partial points carry over deaths, so you can restore 75 points of health (100 in a pack) to a teammate, die, and then heal 25 more and gain a point. Likewise for repairs and ammo resupply. (Note that you can't get points for healing or resupplying ammo to yourself, only other players.)
Revive: 2 points. Reviving a teammate prevents your team from losing a ticket, as your teammate would normally use up a ticket to spawn again.
Team Damage: -2 points (for dealing 50% damage to a teammate)
Team Vehicle Damage: -2 points (for dealing 50% damage to a vehicle controlled by a friendly player)
Team Kill: -4 points
The team kill system works like this: if you take off 50% of a teammate's health, you'll earn -2 points for Team Damage. If you kill a friendly player, then you'll earn -4 points. Thus, if you kill off a perfectly healthy teammate, you'll earn -2 points for the first 50% of their health, another -2 for the next 50%, and -4 for the actual kill, for a total of -8. So watch your fire.

Тут вроде еще не написали про уничтожение стратегических объектов противника. 1 или 2 очка за штуку - точно не помню.
: У., К.
С нами с 04.01.07
Посты: 1498
14.04.07 19:23 [Re: Silbervogel] Ukraine #263075
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