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Пользователь Сообщение: Woman Takes Two-Year Toilet Break        (Тема#19901)
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Возраст: 42
: Philadelphia, PA USA
С нами с 04.11.03
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17.03.08 21:56 United States #385986
Authorities are considering charges in the bizarre case of a woman who sat on her boyfriend's toilet for two years -- so long that her body was stuck to the seat by the time the boyfriend finally called police.

Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said it appeared the 35-year-old Ness City woman's skin had grown around the seat. She initially refused emergency medical services but was finally convinced by responders and her boyfriend that she needed to be checked out at a hospital.

"We pried the toilet seat off with a pry bar and the seat went with her to the hospital," Whipple said. "The hospital removed it."

Whipple said investigators planned to present their report Wednesday to the county attorney, who will determine whether any charges should be filed against the woman's 36-year-old boyfriend.

"She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body," Whipple said. "It is hard to imagine. ... I still have a hard time imagining it myself."

He told investigators he brought his girlfriend food and water, and asked her every day to come out of the bathroom.

"And her reply would be, `Maybe tomorrow,"' Whipple said. "According to him, she did not want to leave the bathroom."

The boyfriend called police on Feb. 27 to report that "there was something wrong with his girlfriend," Whipple said, adding that he never explained why it took him two years to call.

A Two-Year Toilet Break Police found the clothed woman sitting on the toilet, her sweat pants down to her mid-thigh. She was "somewhat disoriented," and her legs looked like they had atrophied, Whipple said.

"She said that she didn't need any help, that she was OK and did not want to leave," he said.

She was reported in fair condition at a hospital in Wichita, about 150 miles southeast of Ness City. Whipple said she has refused to cooperate with medical providers or law enforcement investigators.

Authorities said they did not know if she was mentally or physically disabled.


Возраст: 44
: Kovel,Ukraine
С нами с 10.11.03
Посты: 13408
17.03.08 22:44 [Re: ubiytza] Ukraine #386021
ужос яке схиблене створіння
( http://novosti.ua/society/32356 )
Maximus - Lite Edition
: 404
С нами с 02.11.05
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18.03.08 09:43 [Re: Tester_1] Ukraine #386110
: Ужгород
С нами с 11.09.07
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18.03.08 12:40 [Re: Nameless] Ukraine #386187
А муж куда ходил, за дом по нуждам?
Возраст: 44
: Kovel,Ukraine
С нами с 10.11.03
Посты: 13408
18.03.08 15:31 [Re: vNx-] Ukraine #386241
У них хаты с двумя клозетами - в порядке вещей
: Киев
С нами с 07.01.08
Посты: 1165
22.03.08 18:07 [Re: Tester_1] Ukraine #388008
Ага, точно...
С нами с 11.02.08
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27.03.08 19:46 [Re: AirForce] Ukraine #390495
Ггг, а шо прикольно, трахаццо можна, при желании туалет можна переделать в туалет-комнату, с диваном и всеми делами, зато жена не будет надоедать, можно спокойно пить с друзьями пеффко, играть в гольф и ходить на рыбалку))) По-моему зря он ментов вызвал)
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