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0.1. Any type of cheating / glitching / getting through the textures / tweaking / hacking / bug-using, which gives the player an unintended advantage in game, or using bugs of the game is FORBIDDEN and will cause a punishment by permanent ban without the right to appeal!
- Blowing up cashes/vehicles through any statics/textures with C4 is PROHIBITED and will cause a permanent ban for bug using.
- Unrealistic behavior as throwing C4, or any kind of mines from helicopters in flight, on any kind of ground or water targets, or suicidal tactics for regular fractions (placing C4 on friendly vehicles and remotely detonating them), flying head over heels with helicopters is FORBIDDEN. Violators will be punished due to the administrator's discretion.
0.2. In situation when player has black PB screens, it can be cause for a ban, if player will be suspected in hacking.

1. Do not attack uncap flags unless AAS Says so - If a Flag cant be captured by your Team then do not Attack it. Diversions behind enemy's lines are allowed but not for long amount of time.
1.1 Any kind of rush of the first enemys (cappable) flag is FORBIDDEN.

2. Enemy Main Base/ Runway is a RESTRICTED area. Any kind of attack on it, is FORBIDDEN.
Exceptions are:
- When Main Base/Runway are shown as flags and are shown as it/they can be captured
- If you (occasionally) found yourself by enemys Main/Runway and youre taking fire from it, you can shoot back just in self-defense purposes and try to get away from this area asap.
If youll try to deliberately create this kind situation, youll get ruthlessly punished for such behavior, so dont try to hang around enemys Main/Runway deliberately.
Any player, been spotted in Baserape/Basecamp will get a punishment.
*Spawn camping, base camping, FOBs spawn camp with possibility to destroy this FOB, will cause any punishment on administrator's discretion.
2.1. On Insurgency layer all OPFOR factions are allowed to attack BLUFORs Maine Base with any kind/type of weapon(except Mortars).
BLUFOR in another hand, isnt allowed to baserape or basecamp OPFORs Main (same with AAS layer).

3. DO NOT: insult/ Provoke other players/ Teamkill/ Teamattack /Force Team killing etc.
If you got Team killed/Team attacked/Insulted, dont strike back to offender, just report him, or ask for some Administrations help.

4. Name your squad after its Job Role. Asset Rule is enabled here.
*Exceptions are:
- BRDM(KPVT/Transport variant)

- Chinese VN-3

- French VAB VTT

- M113
..there is no need to create a Specific Asset squad with an appropriate squad name for these assets.
*Priority for an asset is up to who created the squad first in this round, not for who has better number of the squad (1 or 2 or 3 etc.)
Examples for correct squad names for Assets:
Tank/MBT/ Exact vehicles name for Tank squads
IFV/BMP/ Exact vehicles name for IFVs squads
APC/BTR/ Exact vehicles name for APCs squads
SPANDREL /BRDM TOW/STURM-S/ Exact vehicles name for armor hunter types of vehicles
HMW TOW/CROWS, PANTHER CLW for light special vehicles
Trans Heli/Heli Trans/Trans Chopper for squads targeted on air logistics and transport aviation
CAS/JET/Attack Heli /Exact vehicles name for any type of attack aviation(AH1-Z, AH-64, MIG-29, Mi-24, F-16, Attck Huey, etc.)
*In some specific situations, it is allowed to unite separate specific asset squads into one (for example if there is no free squad slots left).
In any case, the final decision is after Administration members, and you have to follow their orders unquestioningly.
Note:Since 1.0 vehicle name is shown in left bottom corner of your screen use this hint to name squad correctly.
Naming squads like Tank+TRANS HELI + CAS+ AT Armor is FORBIDDEN.
Using the AAVs without reference to the appropriately named squad is allowed but only if the use thereof, at least two players in a same time.
4.1. Locking squads within less than 4 players is FORBIDDEN.

5. Do not learn how to fly/operate armored or special vehicles on our Servers! Flying/operating heavy or special vehicles is a fun, but pretty difficult aspect of Project Reality and lots of people want to do it, however if you do not have at least some experience in choppers/heavy/ special in the interest of public safety please do not attempt to fly until you've had a few hours training first.
Choppers/Tanks/APCs/TOWs/AAs are vital assets for any team and can help turn the tide of a battle, by using without the know-how you are hampering your team and ruining everyone else's fun.
5.1. All players who gonna waste assets may find themselves been punished for this.

6. Do not Solo Vehicles. -This means what it says. We have zero tolerance for players who solo Tanks, APC's, CAS etc. Light Vehicles can be soloed however do not use it like personal taxi - this kind of behavior may cause a punishment.

7. Carmageddon (repeating, multiple attempts to ram an infantry on a vehicle, instead of driving away) is FORBIDDEN.
Road kill when passing by infantry and driving over it, is allowed, but only one attempt.

8. Mumble or text chat flood/spam arent allowed violators gonna be punished for this by any Admin.

To report about any violations, type !R "nickname of violator" and "reason/violation".
Administrators will react instantly.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse here.
Right to interpret the Rules is up to Administration Representatives, and no one else.

Good luck & have fun on our servers.

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