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Пользователь Сообщение: arnout182 banned.... unban possible? thanks        (Тема#50497)
С нами с 16.05.11
Посты: 5
05.06.11 17:24 Belgium #1034945
hello everyone. i am banned from this server and i cant remember why i am banned. its been atleast 1 year ago.... :s dont think i teamkilled anyone. I am banned from server 1 and server 2.

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For unban, use form:
Your nickname - arnout182
-Date/time, when you lost access to server - Januari 2010, i believe.
-your ip-address (http://whatismeipadress.com) -
- your PID (it could found in any stats of server, wherever you played - it same anywhere) - i think it is 43412721
- your GUID (You need connect to any server with enabled PB, write in console pb_myguid and write last 8 symbols in line after you nickname) - last 8 numbers are 2d811b9a
- Text or screenshot of error, when you trying to connect ot our server - You have been BANNED by the server administrator.

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: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
Посты: 14282
05.06.11 18:10 [Re: camper182] Ukraine #1034975
You were banned 22 of january 2011 for using HAT on Insurgency maps and Teamkills.
С нами с 16.05.11
Посты: 5
21.07.11 23:00 [Re: BadMad] Belgium #1070679
Can i get an unban now please? I dont do that anymore.... i dont even remember i did that....

up to you but thanks anyway.
С нами с 16.05.11
Посты: 5
26.07.11 02:38 [Re: camper182] Belgium #1073498
Hello. Can i please be unbanned. i did not know about the HAT in insurgency maps. And i stopped teamkilling long time ago....

Please? If i ever teamkill again, you can permban me for good !

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