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Пользователь Сообщение: Pls unban me!        (Тема#57851)
С нами с 03.01.12
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03.01.12 21:36 Germany #1211253
Hi! Im [QRF]Nemo1943! Ive been banned by an VBIOS Admin a few months ago. I was playing on Kashan Desert when an enemy Tank killed me and my squad several times from out of nowhere. I asked the enemy team wether they are using hacks, and got a perm ban immediately without any warnings. Im sorry that i used to ask something like that but it seemed so damn weird. Nevertheless me and other members of my Clan want to play on your sever on tuesdays. Because i have a ban i cant play with em. I would be pleasured if u could unban me. Hope well see each other soon in order to have a good time on your server. My IP is
Waiting for your answer. Sincerely yours Nemo1943
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С нами с 23.06.09
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03.01.12 22:50 [Re: NemoGer1943] Ukraine #1211294
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2. If you are banned on our server (or you simply do not have access to them for no apparent reason for you), then you create a separate topic in this section, which states:
- His nickname
- Date / time when you have lost access to the server
- Your ip-address (click)
- Its PID (you can find in any statistics of the server where you play - it is the same everywhere)
- Your GUID (for this you should go to any other server-enabled PB, register in the console command pb_myguid and record the last 8 characters per line, after your nick)
- Text or screenshot of the error is issued when trying to access the server

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: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
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03.01.12 23:01 [Re: NemoGer1943] Ukraine #1211303
You were banned for "Insulting and inadequate behavior".
I'm pretty sure, you wouldn't be banned for polite asking "who's using hacks?" - you know..
Unfortunately our previous hard drive with all logs for that period has broken, so I can't check what exactly has happened that day.
Watch yourself next time and follow the rules.-You guys(QRF) have some problems with asset rule, don't you?
You will be unbanned in a few hours.
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