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Пользователь Сообщение: Unban        (Тема#58341)
С нами с 18.01.12
Посты: 2
18.01.12 01:15 France #1225550

Nickname: lekoolm75
When: I don’t know
PID: 104726655
8 last characters of GUID: bb6d6d56
“You were kicked from the server by an admin for excessive teamkilling or by a vote”

The problem is I don’t know my ban’s reason. I come here to ask you to unban me or give me the reason. Thanks.
I’m French, sorry for my bad English.
тренер - маньяк
: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
Посты: 14281
22.01.12 20:34 [Re: Koolmy] Ukraine #1230124
Added you to the White list. We had griefers entering from this subnet IP, so it was banned to avoid them in future.
Read our rules and follow them.
If you will brake the rules, you will be removed from White List.
Good luck and have fun on our servers.
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