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Пользователь Сообщение: Ban Spook_485        (Тема#69989)
С нами с 12.01.13
Посты: 1
12.01.13 03:13 Germany #1506195
- Nickname: Spook_485
- Date / time: 12.01.2013 00:45 UTC
- Your ip-address:
- PID: 342516087
- Your GUID: f308177817b9078a9fd973f83a37cd85
- Ban reason: C4 on caches

I was not aware of the rule that killing caches through walls is forbidden. After we killed 2 caches with C4 i got banned. I took a look at the server rules on your website and found it as the very first rule.

Usually on all server C4-Caching is Ok, and I got no warning, what so ever to stop. So I apologize for disturbing gameplay. It was never my purpose to cause trouble. I would appreciate if you give me another chance.

its a good diversion to play with russian players, since I do speak russian aswell. I would like to keep on doing that

Отредактировано Spook_485 12.01.13 03:18. Причина редактирования: Причина не указана.
тренер - маньяк
: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
Посты: 14281
12.01.13 03:24 [Re: Spook_485] Ukraine #1506196
You ll get unbanned tomorrow, but that will be your last chance.-That's a serious violation, you know.
On our servers, we like to clear the cash first, and only then, just blow it up.Yep, it requires some serious skills, but that's the point - we're trying to provide more teamplay and cooperation between the squads on every side, to reach the goal.
And using the bugged engine to destroy cashes/vehicles through the textures is not the right way for us.
тренер - маньяк
: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
Посты: 14281
12.01.13 12:17 [Re: BadMad] Ukraine #1506270
Dont mess up with such things, next time please.
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