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Пользователь Сообщение: Banned for a forced tk...        (Тема#70537)
С нами с 01.02.13
Посты: 1
01.02.13 02:22 France #1519192
Hi everybody,

I came here cause i've been banned from the pr1.vbios (and pr2.vbios too?) server(s) after a forced tk.

It was today (01/02/13) about 2h00 AM (GMT+2).

I respawned for the first time on the map and got tked at the cache... At this time, there were a lot of TK in the area. Second time, i respawned again and dropped a grenade trap not very far away cause enemy were coming. A guy found funny to run on it and that killed about 6 people around.
I've been banned for protecting the cache and forgetting the tk i got!

Can anyone do something to correct this?

Thanks in advance.

Nickname : Ovopack
PID : 215827529
Time : 01/02/13 at 2h00 GMT+2
тренер - маньяк
: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
Посты: 14282
01.02.13 10:16 [Re: ovopack] Ukraine #1519244
Please, watch yourself next time.
Dont place the boobie-traps too close to the cash, or at least warn everyone friendly around about danger, if you did it anyway.

P.S.Also, you have to sign your nickname correctly(as it is in game) - not just basic syntax
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