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Cannabis plants spring up all over German town after campaigners plant thousands of seeds in protest against the 'demonisation' of the drug
*Gottingen in Germany is sprouting Marijuana plants all over town
*A group called 'A Few Autonomous Flower Children' sowed seeds in June
*Members say the guerrilla gardening is to protest restrictive drug policies

By Olivia Williams, The Daily Mail

Cannabis plants are sprouting up all over a German town after pro-marijuana supporters planted tens of thousands of seeds last month.

Supporters of the group A Few Autonomous Flower Children spread several kilograms of seeds around the university town of Gottingen last month.

They say they are protesting its 'demonisation' in Germany's 'restrictive drug laws'.

Pro-marijuana activists have planted tens of thousands of seeds around the university town of Gottingen

The German town has cannabis plants sprouting in public parks, allotments, gardens and window boxes all over its public spaces

Scores of the plants have sprouted all over the town this week to the fury of the local police and council.

A website shows dozens of photos of the cannabis plants blooming in public parks, allotments, gardens and window boxes all over town - with some even growing outside the local police station.

Police have been ripping out the illegal plants on sight but the sheer number of blossoming plants became noticeable in the past week.

A police spokesman said 70 plants had been removed so far - including the ones outside the police station - adding: 'Everything that looks like cannabis is torn out.'

The guerilla gardening project is aimed at protesting the 'demonisation' of the drug in German law

Police have been noting the locations of the photographs appearing online so that they can locate the illegal plants and remove them

She confirmed that officers were expecting to see a huge rise in the number of cannabis plants in public areas, adding: 'Officers have been told to be vigilant and destroy any plants they see.'

A spokesman for A Few Autonomous Flower Children said: 'We can't set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant because it's absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it.'

She added: 'This action is a big deal - people (from A Few Autonomous Flower Children) really put effort into it.'

Police have been ripping out the plants but they have been blooming - including outside the police station itself

Local Marcus Baum said: 'The cannabis plants are sprouting up everywhere.

'They removed the ones from the police station very quickly, but the plants are coming up in parks and gardens everywhere.

'Some are even growing in window boxes.'

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