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Пользователь Сообщение: I have been banned for some reason        (Тема#74787)
С нами с 02.09.13
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02.09.13 20:34 Finland #1618320

Now after a few years break, I find that i have been apparently banned form pr1.VBIOS project reality server. I have no idea when this happened and for what reason.

My ingame nickname is GABURINNU

My own IP

my PID 278402012

The message is: You have been kicked from the server. Possible reasons: reserved slots, not joining any squads.. ect.

If this is a ban, would it be possible to have it removed? As I recall, our 6 man squad had some sort of a disagreement over a stupid matter with one of the admins about 2 years ago, and I can only assume that was when it happened. Not sure about this though...

Отредактировано gabu 02.09.13 20:40. Причина редактирования: Причина не указана.
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: Caribbean Sea,Black Pearl
С нами с 16.02.07
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02.09.13 22:12 [Re: gabu] Ukraine #1618349
Didn't find you in a Ban or even Black List.
But your IP-range was banned because of griefers.

I've added you to the White list, but please check out our rules and keep following them, otherwise, access gonna be closed.
С нами с 02.09.13
Посты: 2
03.09.13 00:15 [Re: BadMad] Finland #1618383
I never grief and neither do the dudes I play with. Thanks for clearing this up.
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