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Пользователь Сообщение: What to Do when Confronted by an Aggressive Dog        (Тема#76979)
: Киев
С нами с 18.12.05
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27.12.13 14:07 Ukraine #1670025
...There's no way of knowing if a stray dog is friendly or not, so the best advice is to avoid them. There are some things you can do if an aggressive dog is nearing you or your kids. Most of them go against our basic survival instincts, so practice and teaching children how to react is vital to surviving a dog attack.

Never Approach a Strange Dog

"Stranger Danger" goes for dogs as well as humans. Never ever approach a dog you don't know, no matter who is holding the leash. There is no way of knowing what experiences the dog has had with humans, especially if it is off leash and roaming alone. Dogs are social animals, but they are also territorial. A stray dog may approach you, but never encourage one by calling it to you or offering your hand out. Report any stray dogs in your neighborhood to animal control professionals.

Stop, Watch and Say "No"

When approached by a stray dog, no matter the size, stop walking completely. Stand completely still and get a sighting on the dog without making eye contact. With your head pointed down toward the ground (this is a non-aggressive motion), watch the dog from the corner of your eye. Do not make eye contact or stare at the dog. Say nothing at first, most dogs will go away if you stop moving and do nothing. You become boring to them, so they move on. Continue to watch the dog until it is completely out of sight, and remain aware that it may still be watching you from a distance. Walk away slowly, or back away slowly if the dog is still near you. Do not turn your back, even on a retreating dog.

If the dog continues to advance on you, stay where you are and say the word "no" loud and firmly. Don't scream or yell at the dog. Nearly every dog knows what "no" means and will usually back off when told firmly. Don't raise a hand when you say it, remain perfectly still and standing up straight. Again, keep the dog in your sights in the same way as above, with your head down and not staring. Slowly back out of the situation while repeating the word "no" to the dog. Do not turn your back on the dog.

Aggressive Dog Attacks

The worst case scenario is an aggressive dog attack. A dog is coming at you snarling and fast. Do all of the steps above; stop moving, stand up straight, keep the dog in front of you, don't make eye contact, and say "no." If a dog bite is imminent, consider your resources. If you are carrying a long handled object, like a cane or an umbrella, hold it out away from you to the side. Chances are the dog will latch onto the item instead of you. You can also open an umbrella and fend off the dog by keeping it between you and the dog.

If you have no resources, pull your arms up into your shirt sleeves and tight to your body, folded across your chest. Pull a hood up over your head if you have one. Stay standing straight up with your head pointed toward the ground, even if the dog lunges at you. Do your best to remain on your feet, and keep the dog in front of you. Tell the dog "no" or "sit" or "release" as calmly as you can. If the dog knocks you to the ground, ball yourself up tightly and protect your neck and stomach from the attack. Stay quiet and still while on the ground.

Running away from an aggressive or excited dog incites their prey drive, and every dog has one. Screaming at a dog only excites it more or adds to its fear. The best way to avoid a dog attack is to stop it before it happens. By using the stop, watch and "no" steps above, most dog attacks can be averted.

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26.12.14 16:08 [Re: minemax] Ukraine #1817513
very useful article, earlier i did not know what to do in such situations
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